Gmod Staff Requirements

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Gmod Staff Requirements

Post by Sentra on Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:08 am

1. No Age Requirement.

2. Needs to be very mature.

3. Needs to know how to speak loud and clear.

4. Needs to know how the be serious.

5. Needs 20 hours on whatever server you are trying to be staff on so you are known as a regular and people can work better with you.

6. Read the MOTD every day to see if something new has been added.

7. Great reputation on all servers.

8. Needs at least 1 recommendation from a Admin.

9. You should keep in mind, that it's a job - not a privilege, status or anything else. It's a job.

10. Must be able to handle tough situations.

11. Remember we are one of the best server on Gmod please represent our community with pride and integrity.

12. Must have 500 hours of play time in Gmod.

13. Must know how to use grammar correctly.

14. Must know how to respect at all time to everyone no exceptions

15. Must stay calm and handle things efficiently.


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